Sunday, March 18, 2012

Late entry man, late entry.

Dear Saturday,

Hated myself right now for not being able to keep my words. This makes no difference between me & her now. We're all the same, disappointing. Supposed to have dinner & catch up with old people but same old things just came down crushing & with that of thoughts like "I knew it its gonna happen, but I hope it wont happen" hahah!

If you have studied psychology, there is this theory about trusting relationship. Wether is it things happen based on personality? Or is it the situation. The consistency of you pulling out the last minute is not low. Not once not twice but idk man, I can't even remember already, kind of "used to it" Just feel that you need to put a little bit more respect to us here, we don't come & go with your flow as and when you like kay. Okay, just saying. Mayb smth really did happen. Fine. Just disappointed friend, disappointed.

Will be going back hometown on the 26th. Better be missing me & getting real busy pitsy for the next whole week. Attachment: Case study & meds test. Shopping for Mum and party for couz birthday. Busy!

Dear Monday,

Was planning to go back on the 26th. Sadly because my sis will be going back Jakarta on 26th morning. So I won't be seeing her. My mum wanted me to go back the 24 instead. I'm okay with it just that grandma........ Ugh whatever.

She agreed to it though, but she went like "it's not like so long nvr see each other, last time cny just saw each other what" BEHIND MY BACK. It hurts grandma, please take back those words. So rn, I have to go back on 26th instead. I have no choice right. Feels like crying like a baby now. You can just tell me that you don't want to back on Sat instead right. Why the judge? ):

Okay goodnight peeps.
Just some random rant.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have no where to rant.

No where to rant. Not even here. Not even in this personal blog of mine. So this is the time when you really feel like nothing. Like some piece of shit/dog who has to folllow every single ridiculous thing you have to freaking do. It is my fault to really have that "I hate you, I don't feel like talking to you kind" of attitude towards you, but true enough, you have to do self reflection too. I'll respected you until you went on crushing on it.

Hating you so so so so much for making everything so miserable. Was hoping for it to be good, exciting & enjoyable. Thanks for ruining it. Trust me, this is not call helping/instructing. This is torturing, you believe me if something bad happens or what, I can give up this whole drama thing cause o you. Really really really feel like giving up. All the things that I'm swallowing into my stomach, like everything I do is just wrong. Nth to do wrong, too busy also wrong. God dam it its so difficult to satisfy you man. One day I'm gonna give up is all because of you. B

Guess what, if I can't change the stimulus? I'll change myself. Fail me. Idc.

Friday, March 2, 2012

this boredom is killing me man.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lovely us :)
I love this game! hahahah looking the drawing they drewww! Damn epic!

Anyway been preoccupied with mahjong these few days, won $16? :D
I WON YOU KNOW, I ACTUALLY WON. Thanks for their guidance lah actually! :)
Met up with Andrea (like a finally), Kaiyun, YongChuan, Derrick(Derp!) & Johon.
Hah! My new mahjong kakis! 

Playing with them is super duper stressful and tiring D: Like sucked all my energy out.
anyway it was super fun lah, made my day & boring week so so fruitful!
again again again again again again again again again! :D Hahah!