Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Friday, July 6, 2012

Had the most exciting and tiring day ever. Really thank god for not raining, at least not raining from 2-5 everything went on smoothly and as was planned :) All our effort is so worth it.

All of us were wearing the damn chio class tee and went to the office to collect extension, waiting for Joey who was behind the "superman" bus. Reached school around 7.30am getting so highed in the lecture room! Ahahah! GUESS WHAT?! WEN XING GAVE US SOFT TOYS! LIKE BIG SMALL JUMBO SOFT TOYS! Brand new soft and fluffy that I'm gonna dieeeeeee!!

Got Baby Mike and Cookie Monster head plushie! Plushie? Is there even plushie in the dictionary? LOL hello neo-pets! Anyway! We were shoutin and jumpinggggg early in the morning lah! Adrenaline rushed!

Ate MacD together in the middle of the K-garden. Rushing to AMK Hub to get 13 movie tickets for ASPM!