Friday, June 15, 2012

I typed something for like four times and delete it all over again for four times too. Sometimes I wonder if being that little miss nice is it good or just bad. Doing so many things for other people, wiping all their backsides. Trying my best to get things done asap when they can play and have fun. Good for them bad for yourself. Feel that I've been selfish to myself and toturing myself with the unecessary shit. Let's see how long can I swallow this fcking unfair shit thing. Just because we're friends, just because I cherished that friendship so much that I have to... Loool nevermind! Think I still couldn't say it out loud yet. Okay just let me rant kay, I'll be alright after all this crazy typing. Then just don't bother about the things you just read. Hahaha, don't be paranoid. I'm not attacking who or who. Just ranting. If not I'll just cry which I feel its so dumb and so not worth it. Haah! Kbye! Please, find your guilty conscious back asap <3

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